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430-AL RV Leak Tester Operating Instructions

The Sealtech 430-AL requires only one technician to operate. If you have just purchased the 430-AL and need setup and operating instructions, please download the operating instructions PDF below.

What's In The Operating Instructions?

Using The Sealtech 430-AL

The Sealtech Leak Testing Method: For professional RV service technicians, one of the most difficult leaks to diagnose are water leaks penetrating the exterior of the RV. The Number One cause of RV damage is water intrusion! Any crack in the sealant or a penetration through any exterior surface is a potential leak that can allow moisture to enter and begin its destructive action. Oftentimes the leak will manifest itself at a location distant from its actual entry point and can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Rather than risk further damage by flooding the exterior of the coach with water, the safe, sure way of detecting unintended exterior breaches is to perform a pressurized leak test using the Sealtech 430-R & 430-AL. This beneficial device permits the shop to offer the Sealtech method as a value-based aftermarket service, as well as proving its worth during normal PDIs and troubleshooting tasks.

Since the Sealtech concept uses a positive air pressure inside the RV, it is necessary to prevent undue loss of pressure through designed openings in the RV exterior such as doors, windows, storage bays, vents, etc.