Sealtech 430-AL RV Leak Finder


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The most frustrating maintenance problem in the RV industry has been locating those hard to find LEAKS! Repeated repair attempts, customer frustration, and incredible structural repair costs have been the norm. The SEALTECH 43O-AL pinpoints the actual outer surface leak, which is often remote from any visible interior moisture, water damage, or odors.

The system requires only one technician, is non-intrusive, easy to use, and has a Rapid payback period!

Please call for shipping costs to Canada, Mexico, the U.S. Islands, Hawaii and Alaska. Additional fees will apply.

Buy the Sealtech 430-AL and:

  • accept leak repair engagements confidently, knowing that they can “fix it right the first time”
  • confidently warrant their leak repair work
  • quote flat rates for leak repair work
  • ensure that all RVs sold do not leak
  • more accurately evaluate trade-ins
  • complete new product leak repair warranty work profitably, within budget
  • locate and repair developing leaks before water damage occurs (perform preventive maintenance)
  • attract profitable leak detection and repair work during off-peak periods
  • smile when customers request leak diagnoses and repairs