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Sealtech proudly owns multiple patents on RV Pressure testing

Sealtech RV Leak Tester


Sealtech Pressure Testing is all about hitting the sweet spot in pressure testing! Too much pressure & things may appear to leak that would normally not! Too little pressure and you won’t locate those hard-to-find small leaks that cause so much damage over time.

Sealtech 430AL RV Leak Tester

If you own or run a Repair Facility or a Service Department, and are truly interested in improving customer satisfaction, and generating income for your shop…. The Sealtech 430-AL is a must have unit.

World Leader In RV Pressure Testing Technology!

Every RV either leaks right Now … or will soon if they are being used .

Let’s be honest, Rvs are basically big flexing shoe boxes going down the highways at 70 mph and most are not garaged, which means they sit out in the elements and either freeze in the winter and bake in the summer expanding & contracting… 24/7, 365 days a year for years and years.

At Sealtech we say don’t be mad or angry about that, just be proactive and do the best to make sure your RV doesn’t leak and Sealtech pressure testing is and has been your best shot at that for over 20 years.

Sealants Fail 🙁
Accept it, Find it, and Fix it with Sealtech 🙂

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You NEED a Sealtech 430-AL in your toolbox!

Do You Own or Run a Repair Facility or a Service Department?

Manufactured with 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum (Strong & Lightweight).

  • 8-Ft. XL- Duct
  • HDX 1-Gallon multi-purpose sprayer
  • Additional Vent Bridge Adapter (comes in handy)
  • 4pc Foam Gasket repair kit (As a back up if you ever damage any of your existing Ceiling Gaskets)
  • 3ft x 8ft  H.D. Vinyl Sealtech Leak Testing Done Here, Shop Banner ( let your customers know you do Sealtech Leak Testing )

With your purchase of any of our Testing Units you will receive a FREE listing as an Authorized Sealtech Testing Location and be included on our Google maps so customers can find your testing location.

Sealtech Leak Tester For Buses

Sealtech Leak Tester For Buses

Sealtech proudly owns multiple patents on RV Pressure testing